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Contact me at nanodave_t@msn.com

As I complete images and animations of various superheroes, superheroines, and supervillains, I will be posting them here. I will also be posting 3D files for download, useful for those of you with character animation software. All images have been composed with Poser3, Textures were made with Painter3D, and props were made with RDS5. When animations are completed, they will be rendered with the superior RDS5 engine.

Ready? Here's the first of many, Matt Wagner's Grendel!

And the Amazing Spiderman!

And the Man of Steel!

The King of the Seven Seas

A New tool and tutorial for RDS: The Studio Box A modelling guide for use with your drawings!

NEW! My first villain, Black Manta!

Any Requests? I'm going to work on a Batman and Maybe a Swamp Thing. I was thinking of doing Neil Gaiman's Sandman in his Dream Battle Gear, Mervyn, Argent the Wolf from the pages of Grendel. What would you like? Let me know

It's Harley, from the animations below, in all her glory! Click here to go and get her!


Lip-synch Animation of my new Secret Project. Click here to see the test run. Also, I'm still trying to figure this out so, if that link didn't work try this one. And I just added another animationwith lip-synching. It's here. I think it's going well. You'll need RealPlayerG2 to view it. Who would you like to see our little lady with? Yeah, I know the obvious answer, but maybe some crossover would be neat? Pick a character from the library and I'll do a clip of the one that gets me riled. Also, the first animation is zipped and up for download here. It's a 1MB download and the file is about 5MB when decompressed.

New! Download the Joker!!!Here! Now, he's still in the works, but it's a start. I have to work out the joint parameters a little. It's still a pretty good file. Emailme and let me know what you think. I'm running low on webspace, and will probably be rearranging things a bit over the next few weeks. So check back here and update your bookmarks.


Dream of the Endless And a new look at the format I'd like to use. Dream with his helm

Progress Page

Here is where you can view my current projects and send me comments and criticisms.

The Silver Claws Project Page

Here's a link toThe Virtual Heroes Network page, a group effort with Poserable figures of comic Entities for download.

And here's a link to a COOL site with some really great pics of Batgirl, in all her incarnationsby Anton Kisiel!

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