Here is a sample of great things to come... Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman!

Here's the updated file for you! It includes a new texture map that works in RDS, the .cr2 and .rsr character files, a pose file, and a .avi. Please read the Read me file for important instructions.

File 1 contains the .cr2 and .rsr files.

File 2 contains the texture map in .tiff and .riff formats and a start pose

File 3 contains the pose file from the GIF image.

In the immortal words of Lex Luthor," Click that flying fool!"

I have left the old file up for those who'd like to shop and compare. Vast amounts of time and effort have gone into this. I shall be posting a tutorial on "How the UV of the boots made me Insane forever."

Just click on the image and you can download the cr2, pp2, and texture files for The Man of Steel! It's 1 MB, because the texture file is 4+ MBs uncompressed.

And here's a wordy tutorial

Click me!

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