Hi, this is a works in progress page. I'm working in Animation:Master for the first time, and would like your opinion of how the work I do is coming along. Once I get a model finished, I'll post it for down load at the main page. Since I'm new at A:M, I'll post the files that I do there in A:M and Poser format. The main reason I bought A:M was for modeling, but I also see its power as an animation tool. I'm more familiar with Poser, and have a deep fondness for the program, so I'll still be using the program as I familiarize myself with A:M.

I decided my first victim in A:M would be the Swamp Thing. I chose this character for his exagerated body shape and his relatively simple face structure. I find that a chracter's face is usually what people see first, and I thought that his simple face structure would give me a good chance to work with the program and get through the basic familiarization with the interface and still give me a good end product for my troubles. Yeah, I know. The first thing I did when I got A:M was start modeling a face. But, I've worked with some 3D programs before and felt that I could handle Mr. Holland. For those unfamiliar with my stuff, click here to jump to my main page.

So, here are the first six images from my first experieince with A:M. Comments and criticisms are not only welcomed and appreciated, they're ncessary for me to grow as a 3D artist. Thanks.

This was the effort of a few hours, getting accustomed and learning the ins and outs. I had Robert Ward's tutorials handy while I modeled and referenced them incessantly. Maybe I'll get good enough to write my own tutorials for A:M.

so, I didn't finish Sunday. It's Thursday now, and I will begin working on his fingers and toes tomorrow and Friday. I haven't had much time to work, because of my employment situation. I did get what I feel are a good set of legs on ole Swampy. I might do away with the three point patches that I used to attach the legs to the torso and go with five-pointers instead.

Any comments or criticisms are cordially welcomed. Email me anything you'd like to say about the model so far.